September 9, 2023

Must Haves for your Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

Our busy wedding season is here in Lake Havasu and any wedding planner or recently married couple will express the importance of a fully stocked emergency kit. There are so many lists out there and it can be overwhelming, so what do you really need? As a wedding planner I am expected to have it all, but here are the essentials that I recommend my clients have packed and ready to go for their special day:

Personal Care: tweezers, q tips, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, perfume, deodorant spray, razor, clear nail polish, toothbrush & toothpaste, floss, bobby pins, backup makeup (LIP GLOSS!), eyelash glue, blotting sheets, mints, allergy medication, pain reliever, band aids, blow dryer, curling iron, hair spray, feminine products

Attire: dress, shoes, jewelry, sandals, proper undergarments, FASHION TAPE, stain remover, sewing kit, safety pins, lint roller, steamer, dryer sheets for reducing that annoying static cling

Miscellaneous Necessities: drinking straws because who wants to ruin their lipstick?, lots of snacks to keep everyone from getting hangry, cash for gratuities and emergencies, portable phone charger to keep that content creation going all night, essential oils and your favorite crystals to keep you feeling zen!

Trust me, you can never be too prepared on your wedding day! I can honestly say that over the years I have used every single item in my emergency kit, so planners remember to re-stock after every event! P.S. chalk works great on stains and toilet seat liners make great blotting sheets. Pro tip: buy a large emergency kit on wheels – makeup caddies work great!

I use this makeup caddy from amazon and it works great. I love it because it has the best built in organization and is separated in four different sections. In addition to the basic necessities, I have a few secret items that came in handy over the years that I will let you in on ;)..

Personal Care:

Pain reliever, allergy meds, first aid kit, epi pen, tums, tic tacs, cough drops, eye drops, tooth paste, floss, hair ties, bobby pins, baby powder, feminine products, lotion, spray deodorant, hair spray, comb, hair brush, bug spray, tweezers, nail file, eye lashes and glue, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, neutral lip gloss, lint roller, tide to go pens and wipes, sewing kit, steamer, crochet hook for getting those bridal buttons without too much fuss, fashion tape, baby wipes

The Basics:

Lighters, scissors, clear tape, double-sided tape, gaffing tape, duct tape (so much tape!), fishing line, twine, sharpies, nice pens in case one is needed for the sign-in table, chalk (works wonders to lift stains), glue gun and extra glue sticks, neutral ribbon, batteries, safety pins, boutonniere pins, floral wire and tape, floral shears, pipe cleaners, spray way glass cleaner (the holy grail of glass cleaners!), goo gone, candle adhesive, extension cord, power strip, portable charger

Additionally: rotary cutter, zip ties, clear umbrella, command strips and hooks, tacks, spray adhesive, plastic clamps and a collapsible wagon for transport

This may seem like a random list of items, however they have all had their unique uses over the years. I never thought I would use floss to hold up a bride’s dress and veil for photos or chalk to get out a stain but thank goodness I had those items on hand.

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