January 12, 2019

What Not To Forget When Planning A Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are so much fun and tend to be very unique.
However, they still require a lot of work. Not to worry we have your back!

Here is a list of details often times overlooked:

1. Cleaning Crew
The last thing you want your mom or grandma doing on your wedding day is the dishes or taking out the trash. Sometimes they just can’t help themselves and feel the need to help. That’s why we recommend hiring a cleaning crew to be there through the dinner and a good portion of the reception. The crew will empty the trash cans regularly, keep up with any dishes and clean up any spills. Not to mention they will make sure the bathrooms stay clean and fully stocked. No bride or groom should have to worry about bathrooms on their wedding day!

2. Toilets
Will there be enough bathrooms available for your guests? You rented a gorgeous home equipped with a huge backyard to accommodate your rather large guest list. There are panoramic lake and mountain views that are breathtaking, but there are only 3 toilets in the house for 200 guests.  Save your guests from having to wait in line all night and arrange for a luxury portable restroom to be delivered the morning of your wedding. They range in size and have flushing toilets and running water sinks to fit your sanitation needs.

3. Parking & Shuttles
Will there be parking available on the street or in the neighborhood you are getting married in? Chances are they won’t be able to if there is a strict homeowners association. Do your research before you choose the home you want to host your wedding in. If parking is limited, encourage guests to carpool or find a nearby public parking lot and arrange a shuttle. Golf carts are a great way to shuttle guests to and from their cars. Golf carts can be rented by the day and it shouldn’t be too hard to find an eager 16-year old that wants to earn a little extra cash.

4. Will you have enough ice, and where will you store it?
How many freezers are in the home, and how many ice chests do you own? The answer is most likely not enough, plus mix match ice chests everywhere may throw off your aesthetics. Call your local ice company and arrange a large ice delivery with an ice trailer to keep the ice cold all night. Even if your wedding planner has to run to the nearest gas station for more ice, at least there will be an ice trailer to keep it all cold.

5. Catering Staff for Your Event
Whether you are serving a plated meal or hosting a buffet for your guests, always make sure the catering company you hire provides adequate staff to either serve the plated meal or replenish the buffet as needed. The catering staff can also help clear the tables as guests finish eating. There is nothing worse than tables covered with dirty dishes at a wedding.

6. Rentals & Lighting
Home rentals rarely include tables, chairs and other rental items most likely needed for the ceremony and reception. Typically backyard weddings require an ample amount of rentals such as ceremony seating, tables, dining chairs, linen, additional lighting, and table settings (just to name a few). It is smart to hire a rental company that will fully setup the items they provide as well as tear down the night of or the next morning.  

7. Dance floor
It is important to make sure there is a big enough level area for guests to cut loose on the dance floor. Some homes may not require the rental of a dance floor, but many do. No one wants to dance on grass or in gravel. That is definitely an accident waiting to happen! There are many different dance floor options out there. If you have a handy fiancé or family member you can even have someone build you a dance floor. Just make sure to give guests a safe area to bust a move.  

8. A Wedding Planner
A wedding planner is a crucial component of a backyard wedding and won’t let you forget any of the essential planning elements. There is a
lot of work that goes into the setup and breakdown of a wedding at someone ’s residence. There are many factors to consider and a
wedding planner will make sure no details are overlooked on your
special day. He or she will make sure the timeline is followed and will
keep all vendors on task. Most wedding venues have venue coordinators that ensure the items provided by the venue are set up properly and on time. This is not the case with private residences as these home rentals typically do not include venue coordinators or venue rentals. A wedding planner is a necessity and will allow you to relax on your special day, instead of stressing to setup for the ceremony and reception. 

Don’t let this long list of backyard wedding components steer you away from having the backyard wedding of your dreams. Having professional wedding planning help during the planning process will
make it seem like a breeze. So give us a call! We would love to help
transform your backyard into a Pinterest perfect wedding.

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